CY is a strange animal who is down-to-earth in her habits yet lives in her own world for much of the time.



Serious job. Chronic Conditions. Polyglot wannabe./Plays games and likes the performing arts./Loves critters, making things, and being alone./Feed often with milopeng and jagarico.  


[Ian Pettigrew]

Ian Pettigrew received his PhD in Film and Media Studies from the University of Miami. He is now a Film Studies/English Language Arts teacher at Shattuck St. Mary’s-Forest City in Malaysia.


[Junior Lim]

I'm a 25 year old Communications and New Media graduate from the University of Singapore, and I'm currently working in coffee at your favorite joint, Kurasu Singapore.


[Leong Chou Ching]

Dr Leong Chou Ching is an IT professional who enjoys paddling during his free time.


[Nicholas Cheng]

Nicholas is a biomedical researcher who works on rehabilitation robotics and loves being a Bhaalspawn during his off-work hours these days.


[Quek See Ling]



[Teng Kah Wee]

Software engineer in the Bay Area with a knack for losing socks.


[Wan Yi]

Wan Yi is a marketer who works a regular 9 to 5 (sometimes 10). She is a curious being of art and history and a sophophile too. You can find her constantly doodling and drawing croquis in her free time.


[Yang Yang]

Yang Yang is a cultural geographer who works on urban, religious, and ethnic identity issues. She also doodles bears when she is not doing research.