Daryl Li

Sometimes writer, occasionally photographer, always curry png enthusiast


I am a writer of literary fiction and nonfiction based in Singapore. Apart from writing, I also do a bunch of odd experimental things. I have an eclectic array of interests that includes translation, film, media, performance, music, architecture, and game design. Occasionally, I tell people that photography is my hobby. Curry png is the best food.

A Few Recent Things...

Failure Machine

I recently held an event, which is billed as... "An evening of literature examining the idea of failure through a personal history of creativity, embarrassment, and rejection." You can read a review of it here.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends was an event in July 2022 that I worked on with my friend Hao Guang. It was a two-phase oddity about things left imperfect, unresolved, or incomplete, one part open call and one part event. (We're working on an epilogue to the event!)

SAD Tales For Sad Kids Booklet

I recently put up the booklet for my 2019 event, SAD Tales for Sad Kids, in digital form. You can get it for free on itch.io or over on my ko-fi.


Quirk in Progress

This year, I’m working on two book-length manuscripts, and Quirk in Progress is an experiment in which I try to work on this in a public space once a month. More details on the page.

The Inventors

I'm finally publishing a full-length book! The Inventors is a collection of my literary nonfiction and will be out in 2023 from TrendLit Publishing. Stay tuned for more news.

The Hall of Uselessness

Please also check out...

This is a banner under which I attempt unusual creative excursions, with an emphasis on experimentation and collaboration.